Subject to the terms indicated below, Vip Air Empowerment s.r.l. (hereinafter for brevity ‘Licensor’ or even just ‘Vip’) grants the user, Licensee, a (i) non-exclusive, (ii) non-transferable and (iii) non-transferable license for the use of the attached software (‘ Software ‘) in Licensee’s permanent commercial locations for Licensee’s own internal requirements. No title or ownership rights are granted or transferred here. The ownership of the source code of the Software will remain imperatively with Vip.

The Software, its use and subsequent orders to the Licensor have been designed for use only by professionally qualified personnel of the Licensee. VIP will retain the right not to endorse the quote prepared by the Licensee in the event of incorrect or contradictory information.

The licensee is obliged to:

  1. do not de-compile;
  2. do not modify;
  3. do not disassemble;
  4. do not recreate;
  5. do not generate;
  6. not to copy nor to export all or part of the technical document;


for any reason and in any way the software is the exclusive property of VIP. This obligation extends to the entire application but also to any individual application programs.

The Licensee may disclose the Software exclusively to its own personnel or external consultant, in any case professionally qualified, without prejudice to the Licensee’s responsibility for the correctness of the data entered.

In the event of sharing the Software with an external consultant, the Licensee is subject to all the above obligations which will also have the obligation to ensure VIP regarding compliance with the aforementioned obligations.

The Licensee assumes full and exclusive responsibility as well as the risk relating to the information entered within the Software. Any errors made by the Licensee in the input from which consequently incorrect information should arise cannot be attributed to VIP. Which will, in any case, keep firm and intact its right of credit eventually accrued as a result of the delivery of fans compliant with the request.

The Licensor makes no warranties of any kind, oral or written, express or implied, regarding the Software in terms of use, results, accuracy, integrity, reliability, timeliness or otherwise.

All Software selections require validation and written approval from VIP to qualify for a warranty investigation and to be usable in real installations. The acceptance by the Licensor of a purchase order or contract does not constitute validation and approval of the product application.

The responsibility of the Licensor’s warranty is limited to the consistency and consistency between the information entered by the Licensee when using the Software and the final result of the same until the offer issued by VIP is issued. The Licensee’s order must comply with the offer.

The Licensee hereby waives the right to contest any liability, claim or request relating to the Software to the Licensor. This agreement does not change the rights and remedies available to Licensee and Licensor as such rights and remedies may be established by any contract for the purchase and sale of products sold by the Licensor and the law applicable to such transactions.

The installation of the software constitutes acceptance by the licensee of the terms established herein and of the contract to be bound.