Vip Air Empowerment (Paderno Dugnano, MI) presents the EM45-SN, an intelligent multi-function and multi-input, flexible, robust sensor with high performance.

This instrument measures the differential pressure with high accuracy and reliability through an internal sensor and the temperature through a solid state sensor or a PT100, or via infrared with external sensors. It also measures humidity with an external sensor.

All measurements can be read at the same time.

It is equipped with the PID controller function that provides an output signal to control a power actuator and, consequently, electromechanical components (fans, valves …).

All functions can be programmed manually using four buttons on the sensor itself or with a PC / smartphone via the robust ModBus interface for industrial environments, which makes all information available at all times.

The large graphic display Oled facilitates the reading of parameter and message measurements, even during configuration.

Uses an analog 0-10V interface for measurement and command.

It has a programmable alarm signal.

The casing has a degree of protection IP66.

Given the wide range of usable sensors it covers all the desirable temperature ranges.

The high-precision solid-state pressure sensor allows an extended range of differential measurements:

– from 100 pA to 6 kPa, in the version 6 kPa;

– from 20 pA to 1 kPa, in version 1 kPa.